Hooked surf lessons

At hooked surf school we feel that it is important that our clients learn to surf in a safe, friendly and fun environment, so we provide individual or small group courses.

Hooked taster (1 lesson 1 Hour 30 min)
If you want to experience what surfing is all about try our taster lesson. You will be taught the basic skills of surfing and most importantly safety.

Hooked surf courses
You can choose to take a 4, 8 or 20 lesson course. These courses will build up your confidence in the water and strengthen your ability. The more lessons you have the more your surfing skills will increase.

4 Lessons:
You will learn elementary skills such as paddling, standing up on the surf board, important safety techniques and being comfortable in the water.

8 Lessons:
You will develop intermediate ocean skills. You will learn proper etiquette, how to ride glassy waves and turning techniques. You will learn to read surf conditions, winds & weather patterns.

20 Lessons:
You will gain information on advanced techniques, such as paddling, catching the wave smoothly. You will work on your turning and speed on a smaller surf board. We will show you how to take off right and left and how to duck dive. Towards the end of the course you will begin to ride unbroken waves and be guided on how to bottom turn and do cut backs.


Get surf lessons in Cascais and Guincho Portugal

Warming up for a surf lessons at Guncho beach (Cascais)